Thursday, June 15, 2006

[+] MirrorMask

MirrorMask is a super awesome movie. Very very very visually appealing. You can very much tell that alot of time and effort and the majority of the budget went into the artwork for this film, not that the other aspects of the movie are lacking, but the art work is so very impressive. There is this one particular rather famous scene, and I do not know if you have seen it before, but I had before watching the movie, where the main character gets dressed by these dolls or puppets that almost meld into real people and the clothes that she is getting put on her are almost putting themselves on. The visual aspect of this movie is so very incredible, the movie is put out by Jim Henson.
The artist who put together most of the artwork for the movie is Niel Gaiman, whose name you might recognise as the writer of Sandman. Here is some of his work (outside of MirrorMask)

This picture is called "Dark Snow White Snow, Glass, Apples"

This is from Sandman

On top of the effort that was put into the artwork on the movie, the plot is thoroughly interesting and captivating, and the performances by
Jason Barry, Gina McKee, and Stephanie Leonidas are stunning. Please watch this movie, but possible not on a Mac.

Some screenshots from the movie:


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