Monday, June 12, 2006

[+] The Omen 666

let me ask you this. did you see the original Omen? if you did, then you saw the new one. when i saw the original, i didn't know the name of the movie or something for some reason. but then i saw the new one and 2 scenes i remembered instantly giving that warm "oh yeah..." feeling.

first, the priest goes to warn the father that the kid is evil. and then he says "i'll see you, in hell." and then it begins to storm and he wants to either A, be saved in the church or B, take sanctuary. so he runs to the church. and when he gets to the doorstep, (god) zaps these spikes on top of the gothic church (think stained glass and gargoyles) and it plummets down through the priest's chest and into the ground. i think in the original it might be one of those wrought iron fence spikes or something. comment if you know. oh and throughout the movie there's a photographer for the tabloids who takes pictures of this crazy priests ever since he came in contact with the main character, a politics guy. so when he develops the pictures (and digital), there's this stange dash of light pointing toward the priest. at first i thought it was like a halo for him being the messenger and protecting the world from Damien but it turns out to symbolize god smiting the shit out of him or something. on a side note, the photographer is a mac user who has a macbook pro and a 30 inch apple display in his dingy factory apartment/darkroom.

so the other main scene i remembered is when the mother (Julie Stiles) is up on a chair on the balcony in the mansion house they all live in. and she's watering some hanging plants. so in the original i think the kid comes by on a trike or big wheel, like in The Shining. here, he's on a razor scooter and he knocks into the procariously tiptoed mother on top of the chair. obviosly, she falls over the railing and falls like 2 or 3 floors to the marble inlain floor.

just so you know, i would pee in Julie Stiles' butt in a heart beat. especially in O. since i sort of grew up with her she seems too young to be a mother in this movie, especially one giving birth. especially to her son growing up to be five. plus her husband is the young successful politics ambassador. wasn't she in Save The Last Dance? if so, she was definitely hot there too.

it's all for you, Damien.


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