Monday, June 12, 2006

[+] Stay

this movie was actually pretty good. it got your mind working. here's the premise. new york city. psychologist/psychiatrist (i don't know the difference or care to learn it; a shrink) takes over a case for a friend/fellow shrink. it's a college student at some amazing art school in nyc. he decides he's going to kill himself on this 21st birthday at midnight. he's an artist and obsessed with this other famous artist who destroyed all his artwork and killed himself on the brooklyn bridge as the best work of art ever. so ok fine he wants to try to help this kid. his wife is also an artist who we later find out attempted to kill herself also before they were married or whatever. anyways they are stable and loving and well off in the city. so he wants to help the kid who, we find out has some precognition and hears voices and has some other inexplicable skills. he reminds me of the kid in Thumbsucker a bit because he's a bit dark and emo but also realizes the shrink can help him so he opens up ever so much. i'm not going to give away much of the rest of the ending because some of the other stuff that happens is amazing. if i hadn't just read the book (gasp, read a book?!) Fight Club, i would have liked this movie a lot more, the way it ends. that should make it obvious enough for you to want to see it.


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