Monday, August 14, 2006

[+] The Secret Lives of Dentists

here's a real high calibur film. made with finite attention to detail and character nuance, The Secret Lives of Dentists features husband and wife tagteam dentists david and dana who have three young daughters. as shane mentioned at intermission, i think the director captured the children perfectly from their annoying mantras and fights to being acutely aware of the bigger-than-them things going on in the house.

the flashback/daydream sequences in this movie are amazing in a whimsical/contempletive/dark way. david, the husband has a few mental issues in which he sees denis leary as slater.

david and dana are perfectly cast as dentists, husband, wife, parents. the film repeatedly shows the effort he puts into his daughters and wife to keep the family together. slater keeps him second guessing himself. but remains determined, refined, patient until his single table-heaving outburst.


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