Tuesday, December 26, 2006

[-] The Pursuit of Happyness

So...Will Smith's new movie. He plays Chris Gardner, who's a real guy who made millions after being broke and homeless with a kid.

The acting is good. I especially liked the performance of Smith's son, who played his son. Smith portrays his character with respect and warmth. We feel bad for them. We feel outraged at the homeless shelter that turns them away, and at the IRS that takes all of Gardner's savings because he didn't (couldn't) pay his taxes.

But this movie is heavy, and the payoff at the end isn't even worth it. It's a success story, but it plays out like a tragedy with a glimpse of happiness at the end.

I guess the title makes the most sense. This is a film about the "pursuit" rather than the "happiness".

Unfortunately, I was looking for something a little lighter this holiday season.


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